Why Dinner Party Invitations Matter

dinner party invitation

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Everyone knows invitations are a must for any wedding. But what about the occasional dinner party? Is it okay to skip this detail? I say NO! There are tons of reasons to send out invitation to your guests.

 Sets The Stage – Your invitation is your first chance to clue guests in on the theme of your event and an opportunity to show off your of creativity. If the affair is more formal, opt for an elegant classic invitation with scripted font, clean lines, and simple graphics.  If you’re having a casual dinner, use bright colors, fun wording and bold imagery. With pinterest and google, you have a myriad of DIY options out there for almost any theme you can think of and at any budget. No excuses!! Having a themed invitation also keeps you focused, so your garden tea party doesn’t turn into a BBQ hootenanny – which, don’t get me wrong, would also be a blast.

Provides Key Information – By setting out all the key details of your party in an invitation it cuts down on all questions and confusions later. No myriad of texts the day of to confirm time, date, dress code whilst your putting on the finishing details of your fab party. All invitations should include the party date and start time, location, who is hosting the event and what is being celebrated (if anything). Also make sure to state your dress code (if any). Finally, make sure to let invitees know how to RSVP.

Accurate Guest Count – Sending a physical invitation will be fun and expected surprise. Try to send at least three weeks before the event. Your guests will feel appreciated and more likely to send give your a prompt reply, so you can finalise headcount quickly and focus your attention on planning the details. Dinner parties are small intimate social gatherings so I say you should aim for a max of 8 guests. If the dinner is hosted outdoors, no more than 12.

Well that’s it. My take on why invitations are important even for a small soirée. Make sure to check out my pinterest board – Dinner Party Invitations – for inspiration.

5 Best Buys for a Nautical Themed Soirée

This bank holiday weekend, my lovely family and I drove down to Dover, Kent to visit the White Cliffs. I have been in England for 4.5 years now and had yet to make the trip although I’ve been talking about it for ages. My daughter loved the ocean (or the YO-shin as she calls it), large ferries and throwing rocks into the channel. Its definitely worth a quick visit – walking the cliffs is definitely an experience. Plus, the seawaves got my head spinning with decorating and food ideas for other ocean lovers out there. Here’s a quick inspiration board I put together. I think the lime green and navy color combo is perfect for sand and sea themed decor.

Green and Lime Nautical Themed Inspiration Board

Nautical Inspiration Board

Handmade anchor bunting, The Spotted Born on Etsy / DIY Rope Vase from Bayside Bride / Styled photo shoot , credits available here / Nautical pillow by Needlepoint Pillows

If you’re also inspired by the beautiful English coastline, check out my top buys and ideas for your next nautical themed soirée.


Marina Best Buys

1. Twisted White Nylon Rope, £9.29

This simple decor item can be used tons of ways. As seen above, rope can be wrapped around a vase to spruce up your centerpiece. If flowers aren’t your thing, you can elegantly place the rope loosely inside the vase. Trust me – it will look great. Also, consider using it in your table decor. Tie a simple knot around your napkin as a fun napkin ring or tie around your utensils. If you’re extra crafty, consider making rope jewelry to hand out as party favors. Tons of ideas – one fun product. You can find white twisted rope at Homebase.

2. Nautical Themed Paper Goods and Hanging Decor, Prices Vary

Party Parade has an awesome selection of nautical party supplies. From blue striped napkins, straws, to beautiful pom poms and paper fans. Check out the collection here. Perfect solution for a hassle-free seaside event.

3. Nautical Cookie Cutters, £7.85

Take a white serving tray, sprinkle with demerara sugar, and place nautical shaped cookies on top with colored icing to match your color scheme. I found this nifty set of cutters of Amazon.

4. Chevron Fabric, approx £13/metre

Google nautical/marina/ocean party decor and you’ll continually find one common element – navy blue chevron! It’s everywhere. If you’re hosting a dinner party, try adding this chic and modern fabric pattern to your dinner table.

5.Lifesavers, £2.99 per bag

These little white candies from America are not only great for freshening your breath. As the name suggests, they resemble tiny little life savers and can be used in tons of ways for your nautical party. Pop these babies on top of cupcakes for an incredibly easy nautical cake decoration. Wrap them around a napkin using twine as part of your table scape or simple give the candies out in gift bag. Find them online at American Soda.

Update! My fiance just informed me that there is a candy made in UK exactly like the Lifesavers called Polo Mints. Ha, Who knew!

Leave a comment and let me know your ideas for a nautical themed party!

Disclaimer – I have not personally used any of the products mentioned above and have received no compensation for stating my opinion on any product mentioned in this post.