Why Dinner Party Invitations Matter

dinner party invitation

Image Source: Punchbowl, Inc.


Everyone knows invitations are a must for any wedding. But what about the occasional dinner party? Is it okay to skip this detail? I say NO! There are tons of reasons to send out invitation to your guests.

 Sets The Stage – Your invitation is your first chance to clue guests in on the theme of your event and an opportunity to show off your of creativity. If the affair is more formal, opt for an elegant classic invitation with scripted font, clean lines, and simple graphics.  If you’re having a casual dinner, use bright colors, fun wording and bold imagery. With pinterest and google, you have a myriad of DIY options out there for almost any theme you can think of and at any budget. No excuses!! Having a themed invitation also keeps you focused, so your garden tea party doesn’t turn into a BBQ hootenanny – which, don’t get me wrong, would also be a blast.

Provides Key Information – By setting out all the key details of your party in an invitation it cuts down on all questions and confusions later. No myriad of texts the day of to confirm time, date, dress code whilst your putting on the finishing details of your fab party. All invitations should include the party date and start time, location, who is hosting the event and what is being celebrated (if anything). Also make sure to state your dress code (if any). Finally, make sure to let invitees know how to RSVP.

Accurate Guest Count – Sending a physical invitation will be fun and expected surprise. Try to send at least three weeks before the event. Your guests will feel appreciated and more likely to send give your a prompt reply, so you can finalise headcount quickly and focus your attention on planning the details. Dinner parties are small intimate social gatherings so I say you should aim for a max of 8 guests. If the dinner is hosted outdoors, no more than 12.

Well that’s it. My take on why invitations are important even for a small soirée. Make sure to check out my pinterest board – Dinner Party Invitations – for inspiration.